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Jellycat UK

Jellycat UK

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Rhymes with Purple says:

Jellycat stuffies are by far one of the most favourite toys in the store... for babies, children, and adults alike!  It doesn't matter who you are, you will be able to find a special critter, vegetable, fruit, or other 'thing' that you'll fall in love with!  There is something special about the quality, the quirkiness, the cuteness of these guys that draw you in.

We are always quick to suggest a Jellycat for a new baby gift.  There's something special about the bond that a child develops with a favourite stuffed animal that is priceless.  And for babies, we usually suggest the softest, cuddliest animals with long limbs that are easy to grab and drag them around by.  

While they can be washed, they never look the same afterwards... but no fear... they will continue to be loved just as much for a very long time, because they truly become part of the family.


From Jellycat UK

Creating original and innovative soft toys in London since 1999, Jellycat continues to combine luxurious fabrics with designs that are sometimes quirky, sometimes cute but always with a little something different that makes them stand out from the crowd! The name Jellycat was dreamt up by a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two together. The silliness of the name was a great reflection of the design and so it stuck!

We have designed in the UK since the beginning and continue to work with designers in London and around the country. The small range we launched with in 1999 was individual and most unusual, announcing ourselves as a soft toy creator with a difference. Since then we have continued to work hard to combine the coolest designs with the most luxurious of fabrics in the process creating thousands of wonderfully innovative soft toys. Check out our design history and have a good giggle of where our imaginations have taken us!

Our network of stockists has grown considerably since the beginning. Not long after establishing ourselves in the UK, Jellycat Inc was set up in Minneapolis in 2001. In the following years we have been privileged to supply some of the finest retail shops, department stores and boutiques throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and even as far as Australia.

We are continuously experimenting with designs, trying to find the most lovable combination of soft squidginess and quirky which are launched in two collections each year. Seek out our quirky critters wherever you go!

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